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About Russia

Krasnodar is a city in southern Russia. It's known for its steel-lattice water tower, designed in the early 20th century by architect Vladimir Shukhov. The Krasnodar Philharmonic Society hosts a range of state performance groups in an opulent 1909 hall. Nearby, the large, 5-domed St. Catherine's Cathedral was consecrated in 1914. 

About Lebanon

Lebanon is famous for its outstanding beauty, glamour, and diversity. its rich culture and history makes it every world traveler's goal to "must see". lebanese cities are among the most famous names in ancient history and a lot of majestic ruins still stand today as a testimony to the greatness of people who once lived on this land

About Greece

Greece has been a major tourist destination and attraction in Europe since the 1970s for its rich culture and history, which is reflected in large part by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among the most in Europe and the world, as well as for its long coastline, many islands, and beaches.