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Pet Ticket Info

The carriage of pets (dogs, birds, cats) must be implemented according to the prior agreement with the Carrier, must be registered during the booking or purchase of a ticket, must be checked-in and be transported in the cargo compartment. Order of service must be implemented according to the prior agreement with the countries where to, where from, or through the territory of which such carriage is implemented.



Free baggage allowance does not cover the carriage of pets.

Guide dogs must have a collar and a muzzle and be tied to a seat at the feet of the passenger it accompanies.


Pet Ticket Paper Requirements:

The following documents must be submitted to the Russian Veterinary Control Office at the airport:


veterinary passport or veterinary EU passport (for EU residents);

veterinary certificate No.1 (for carriage through the Russian Federation, CIS countries, or to other foreign countries).

Also, Passenger can provide all the necessary documents required by Russian law, international treaties and laws of the country from/to/through which you and your pet will be travelling.


Transport of animals/birds is not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be charged prior to chech-in.


The owner of the animal or bird must ensure that the container/cage protects the animal or bird from injury during the flight:


the container must have air vents and the container must be securely locked to prevent accidental opening; the inner surface of the container must have a smooth rounded surface, to prevent possible injury to the animal during the flight; the bottom of the container must be solid, waterproof and covered with an absorbent non-toxic material.


The container must not allow any spillage of the absorbent material;


The bird’s cage should be covered with a thick cloth to keep out light during the flight;

Pets travelling in the passenger cabin must be inside a special container or bag-carrier;

The animal or bird must not be taken out of the container/cage while in the passenger cabin.

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